Beier Bluetooth light module LM-BT-16-4



The BT light module at a glance:

  • For controlling lights, servos and motors at semitrailers and trailers
  • Expansion module for SFR-1 and USM-RC-2
  • Supply voltage between 6 - 12 V
  • 1:1 transmission of signals via Bluetooth
  • 16 switching outputs for lights including special light effects
  • 4 servo outputs
  • 1 motor output
  • Additional settings with the software LM-Teacher
  • Expansion for road trains possible
  • Small size: 58 x 44 x 17 mm


The Bluetooth light module LM-BT-16-4 is an expansion for the modules:
The light module can be used to control lights, servos and motors on a semitrailer or trailer. The signals are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Light control
The LM-BT-16-4 has 16 switching outputs for connecting lights (e.g. lamps and LEDs). The light signals are passed on 1:1 from the main module to the light module. For the switching outputs 13 - 16 special functions such as a 1- and 4-channel all-round light, a 4-channel running light and different flashing effects can be selected.

Motor control
The motor output can be used for direct control of e.g. trailer supports, ramps or tipping movements. A switch for controlling the motor output manually can be connected to the module.

Servo control
There are 4 servo outputs on the light module, which can be used to control various movements. Applications for this are e.g. trailer supports, the locking and unlocking of a fifth wheel support, steerable axles or tilting movements. In order to control further motors, speed controllers can also be connected to the servo outputs.

Road train
With the Bluetooth transmitter LM-BT-S an additional light module can be connected. All Bluetooth signals are transmitted 1:1 to the next light module.

Using the function at the main module („LM: Activate road train ID X“), the servo and motor outputs can be controlled separately at each light module. This is how road trains with several trailers can be easily built. The trailers can be controlled together or separetely.

Additional settings with LM-Teacher
When delivered, the light module is ready for operation. With the software LM-Teacher, settings can be adjusted and additional options selected. For using the software, the light module is connected to a Windows PC with the data cable K-USB-2.

The LM-Teacher can be downloaded here for free: Download (4 MB)

For using the light module, at least version V1.30 of the SFR-1 Sound-Teacher and version V1.80 of the USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher are required.

For additional information: Operating manual (PDF).

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