Beier Bluetooth Module BTC-1




A little gadget for our sound speed controller of the SFR-series.

With the Bluetooth module BTC-1, the sound speed controller SFR-1 (from firmware V1.20) can be controlled via Bluetooth using the Android app "SFR-1 Controller".

The range is, due to the low transmission power of smartphones and tablets, only max. 10 - 30 meters! The control via Bluetooth, is therefore only suitable for models that do not exceed this distance to the transmitter!

With the app, the model can be driven (throttle and steering) and all available functions (additional sounds, WAV player, lights, servos, etc.) of the SFR-module can be controlled. Also a parallel operation of a standard RC transmitter and Bluetooth control is possible at the same time.

Android app "SFR-1-Controller"

The "SFR-1 Controller" app is free and can be installed from the Google Play Store, on any Bluetooth-enabled Android device from Android version 5.1.

The app is still in the beta phase, so it may happen that the app does not run on every smartphone or tablet.

Functions of the "SFR-1 Controller" app

  • Throttle and steering via sensor of the Android device
  • Throttle and steering via touch control in the directional pad
  • 20 freely assignable buttons
  • 30 freely assignable buttons, if you do not want to drive via the app. Like a graphical multiswitch module
  • Buttons can be labeled arbitrarily
  • Buttons with or without memory mode
  • Volume adjustment
  • Model memory for any number of models
  • Important: Starting with Android 6.0, the "Location Permission" for the app must be activated for Bluetooth BLE, otherwise the Bluetooth module can not be found! Why this is so, can be read here.

    The app works only with Android, but not on devices with other operating systems (Apple/iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.).

    More information can be found in the SFR-1 Controller Operating Manual (PDF).

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