Beier Infrared light module SM-IR-16-2




For more information, check the Operating Manual (PDF 252kB).

The infrared light module SM-IR-16-2 is an expansion module for the sound modules SFR-1USM-RC-2 and the speed controller UFR-1230.

With this expansion module lights and servos of a truck-trailer/semitrailer can be controlled easily.
The connection requires no additional cable from the truck to the trailer/semi-trailer. The transmission of the light signals take place wirelessly with infrared diodes. To use the wireless transmission, a separate battery must be installed in the trailer/semitrailer.

Light control:
The SM-IR-16-2 has 16 switching outputs for e.g. Lamps and LEDs. 12 of the 16 outputs are a copy (signal transduction) of the 12 switching outputs of the SFR-1 / USM-RC-2. For the remaining 4 outputs, separate functions are available such as a 1- and 4-channel rotating beacon, a 4- and 8-channel chaser light and various flasher.

In combination with the speed controller UFR-1230 8 light module outputs are a copy of the speed controller signals and 4 outputs can be triggered over additional functions. For the remaining 4 outputs, separate functions, as for the USM-RC-2, are available.

The speed of rotating beacon, flasher and chaser lights are adjustable by a trimmer.

Motion control:
In addition to 16 switching outputs, there are also 2 servo outputs available. With this 2 servos you can easily control different movements. Applications are for example movements of a semi-trailer landing gear, locking/unlocking of a seat post, tilting movements of a dump truck and many other motions.

Technical data

Supply voltage (Ub): 5 – 14V DC
Power consumption: Standby-current: approx. 25mA
Switching-outputs: 16 pieces, minus switching, the hight of the output voltage corresponds to the supply voltage.
Continuous current: 0.8A, peak max.: 1.2A
Total current of all outputs max.: 6A
Light functions: • 12 outputs as at SFR-1, USM-RC-2 / 8 outputs as at UFR-1230
• 1-channel and 4-channel rotating beacon
• 4 different flasher
• 4-channel and 8-channel chaser light
Servo: 2 pieces
Max. power consumption of servos: 600mA
Size: 67 x 55 x 17mm
Weight: 35g

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