Beier Mini Speed Controller ESC MFR-1210



The MFR-1210 at a glance:

More information can be found in our operating manual: MFR-1210 (PDF).

  • Mini speed controller for brushed DC motors
  • Perfect for auxilary drives and the
  • Complete speed control for small models
  • Supply voltage: 6 - 16 V
  • Max. current of motor: 10 A
  • BEC with 5,0 V and 0,5 A (short-term max. 1 A)
  • Smooth EMF motor brake
  • PWM frequency of 20 kHz
  • Soft polarity reversal through permanent monitoring of motor speed
  • Control of temperature, current and correct signals from receiver
  • Small size: 26 x 19 x 6 mm


The small but versatile mini speed controller MFR-1230 is perfect to control smooth forward and backward movements of auxilary drives, as well as the complete drive of small models.

Possible examples of motor movements are trailer supports, crane arm movements, tilt function or the movement of a tank tower can be easily controlled.

The MFR-1210 is suitable for brushed motors up to 10 A and includes a short circuit protected BEC with 5V. With a PWM frequency of 20 kHz, there are no disturbing noises audible.

With the EMF motor brake the model can actively be stopped. The brake starts as soon as the throttle stick is in neutral position (center). When rolling out, the engine is continuously decelerated to a complete stop. When accelerating, the engine brake automatically releases.

For gentle operation of the engine and battery, the engine speed is continuously monitored. This is especially important when changing between forward and backward drive. Before polarity reversal, the motor is decelerated to a complete stop and then accelerated in the other direction.

The speed controller requires no additional teaching of the transmitter. The zero point (center position) of the gas channel is suitable for almost all remote controls at 1.500 ms.

The MFR-1230 involves several protection features. With acoustic signals it warns of over-temperature, over-current and missing gas channel signals from the receiver.

To control the motor movements and to equip it with the right sound, the speed controller can be connected to the servo outputs of following BEIER modules:

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