Beier Output Test Board LED-8



A practical tool for checking the switching outputs of the following BEIER modules:
Attention: Not suitable for sound module USM-RC-2!

With the LED output test board, the light settings of eight outputs can be easily displayed and checked.

The board is particularly helpful in the planning and testing phase. All light functions, various setting options, output sequences and automatic or combined lights can be tested before the actual wiring.

If there are problems with the lighting, you can quickly find out whether they are caused by wrong settings in the Sound-Teacher or in the wiring or hardware.

The output test board is connected directly to the BEIER modules.
The LEDs for outputs 1 and 2 light red, outputs 3 and 4 green, outputs 5 and 6 yellow and outputs 7 and 8 blue.

The length of the ribbon cable is 20 cm.

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